South Africa

Africa Office
Mission: Championing leaders, staff and students in the mission, and representing them to the international leadership of YWAM so that through them the Kingdom of God becomes evident in all nations, giving hope to the destitute and those affected by HIV/AIDS.
Schools: N/A
Focus: Administration, Leadership, Pastoral Oversight, Networking
YWAM Africa Office
PO Box 10579
Centurion, 0046
South Africa
YWAM AfriCom
Mission: To connect YWAM staff in Africa to one another and to YWAM internationally, championing them and facilitating their work through mobilising people, prayer and resources.
Schools: N/A
Focus: Communication
P.O.Box 330
South Africa
Phone: 27-27-21-300-2348
Fax: 27-21-788-1247
Mission: YWAM Bethlehem is a bridge between Africa and Latin America. We are training people to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to remote villages and difficult countries. Our base operates primarily in English and Spanish, but also many other languages are spoken.
Schools: YWAM-DTS: 1 February and 1 September; SOFM: 10 July, SBC: 1 September, Jesus Year: 1 February ? 10 December
Focus: Frontier Missions, Discipleship, Counseling, Community Development, Prisons, Church Planting, Farm ministries, Poor Communities, The Deaf and the Blind, Feeding scheme, Orphanage, Schools, Hospitals, Youth, Kids, Africa, Latin America, Closed Countries. We host visiting teams from all over the world.
YWAM Bethlehem
PO Box 1878
Bethlehem 9700
Orange Free State South Africa
Phone/Fax: +27-58-303-0326
Mobile: +27-82-662-8372
YWAM Drakensberg
Mission: To see people from many nations healed, equipped, and released into their God-given destiny and purpose
Schools: YWAM-DTS begins in January and in September
Focus: Training, Discipleship, Pastor Training, Seminars, Children's ministry, Schools
Languages: English
M2N Ministries
P.O. Box 307
South Africa 3340
Phone: +27-36 488 1568
Fax +27-36-4881568
YWAM Durban, Discover Your Destiny
Mission: To release and equip the indigenous people to reach their God-given destiny.
Schools: Our YWAM-DTSs now run in January and September.
Focus: Indigenous people, Mercy Ministry, Domains of Society
YWAM Durban
4 Park Lane
Kloof 3610
South Africa
Phone: +27 31 767 5150
Fax: +27 86 619 3635
YWAM Hammanskraal
Mission: To give children a Christian based education, train teachers and establish satellite preschools.
Schools: We offer Teacher Training, one afternoon a week for those already teaching.
Focus: Local community, Preschool
YWAM Hammanskraal
PO Box 74
South Africa
Phone: +27-12-711 0123
Phone: +27-12-7110026
Fax: +27-12-711 0627
Mission: To see communities transformed as individuals and families are discipled into the Kingdom. We are based in Johannesburg, and have a vision to touch the whole of Africa as we disciple people from every African nation here in the city.
Schools: Hope4Africa doesn’t run any YWAM schools, but we regularly run focus seminars, and have an internship to help teams and new staff to engage with Johannesburg and find their place in ministry. These aren’t registered with the UofN.
Focus: Discipleship, church planting, community development and hosting DTS & SOFM outreach teams/interns. We train and release teams to work with specific people groups under the Hope4Africa umbrella. We currently work with unreached people groups, women & children at risk, and youth, but have vision for teams to be released into every people group in Johannesburg.
PO Box 28716
South Africa
Mobile: 27-84 899 8102
King's Kids South Africa
Mission: King’s Kids South Africa is committed to giving young people and families of all nations the opportunity to be established in the knowledge of God, through participation in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
Main activity: Training and evangelism via performing arts, seminars and workshops.
Focus: Training, seminars, workshops, discipleship, young people, families, linking of generations, performing arts, evangelism, hosting teams.
Schools: Child & Youth Ministry Seminar (CYMS), registered with the UofN
King's Kids South Africa
PO Box 20890
Durban North
South Africa
Phone: +27-72 456 1371
Fax +27 (0)31 539
Joseph Project Johannesburg
Mission: We exist to identify, disciple and release the Josephs of the next generation, through giving them hope and equipping them to achieve their dreams.
Main activity: Homework club: helping disadvantaged children from grades 4-7 with homework every schoolday afternoon.
Focus: Inner City Kids
Languages: English, Portuguese
YWAM Johannesburg
Joseph Project
P. O. Box 33918
South Africa
Phone: +27 11 614 4901
YWAM Great Kosh
Mission: 1. Evangelism-Church planting, Church Growth Seminar Ministry. 2. Traning-Pre-Primary School, Theological School, Media Ministry, Local School Ministry. 3. Mercy Ministry-Feeding Scheme, Unmarrige Mother and Kids Care, HIV/AIDS Seminar Ministry, Clinic Ministry,
Schools: English Language School for Korean Missionaries
Focus: Working with local churches
YWAM Great Kosh in Klerksdorp
P. O. Box 6811
Flamwood, 2572
South Africa
Phone: +27-18- 489-3857,+27 12 711 0026
Fax: +27 12 721 0627
YWAM Kruger Park
Mission: To create a movement to Provide, Protect, Restore and Empower orphans and vulnerable children.
Schools: YWAM-DTS
Focus: Orphans and vulnerable children.
Language: English
P.O. Box 4450
White River
South Africa
Phone: +27-768065008
Fax: N/A
Media Village
Mission: Media Village is committed to providing excellent training in mass media at a cost that is affordable to students from 1st and 3rd world countries. We are committed to fast tracking students who have not been privileged to receive adequate secondary education without compromising our academic standards. We integrate a Christian worldview and value based ethics into all our classes.
Focus: Production, Administration, Training
PO Box 4305
Tygervalley, Cape Town
South Africa
Phone: +27-21 975-7800
Fax: +27-21-975-6271
YWAM Mossel Bay
Mission: N/A
Schools: N/A
Focus: N/A
Languages: N/A
YWAM Mossel Bay
PO Box 2065
Mossel Bay
South Africa
Phone: 27-446930595
Fax: N/A
YWAM Muizenberg
Mission: YWAM Muizenberg serves as a multi-cultural platform to embrace, equip and launch people into all nations in order to reveal Christ.
Focus: Training, Urban Ministries into the City of Cape Town, Nations to Nations and Strategic Teams teams into unreached people groups.
Schools: YWAM-DTS (starting in Jan, April, July & Sept of each year), SBS, Titus Project, School of Church Planting & Leadership, Government & International Studies, Leading by the Spirit Course, Slingshot 2012.
Languages: English
Youth With A Mission Muizenberg
P.O. Box 129
South Africa
Phone: +27-(0)21-788 7322
Mobile (sms option): +27-(0)71 542-1032
Fax: +27-(0)21-788 1247
YWAM Potchefstroom
Mission: Our mission is to mobilize students for the mission field to do smart and effective global mission, to provide training of high quality to further the gospel. We also focus on church planting by the Holy Spirit and do research on a home church movement as we believe that we should do mission as we train.We have a heart for counselling and vulnerable children and the working of the Holy Spirit.
Schools: Foundations for Miracles DTS 21 Nov 2014 - 25 April 2015 , School of University Mobilization June - Aug 2015 , School of Apostolic pioneering Sept-Nov 2015.
Focus: Scriptural and embracing the full working of the Holy Spirit.
Languages: English
Youth With A Mission Potchefstroom
Esselen street
6 Potchefstroom 2531
South Africa
Phone: +27-845490914
Phone: +27-829666753
YWAM Rustenburg
Mission: Our mission is to empower and equip believers for a life of sold out abandonment to the will of God, and thus affect the destiny of nations as we live to serve Him through our individual gifts and talents.
Schools: Discipleship Training School
Focus: Discipleship, Evangelism, Hospice care, Child-led homes, feedings schemes, HIV/AIDS and orphan care.
Languages: English, Tswana
YWAM Rustenburg
Postnet Suite 253
Private Bag X82245
Rustenburg 0300
South Africa
Phone: +27 82 779 9388
Fax: +27 14 592 5290
YWAM Staff Development Facilitators, YWAM Africa Field Service Team
StaffDevelopment Facilitators
YWAM Africa Field Service Team
15717 E. Fairgrove Ave.
La Puente, CA
Phone: +1-626-430-8035
Phone: +1-626-430-4780
YWAM / UofN International DTS Centre
YWAM / UofN International DTS Centre
P.O. Box 1031
Sun Valley
Western Cape
South Africa
YWAM Worcester
Mission: Our mission is to be a Gateway to Africa and the World. We want to make it easy for people from different parts of the world to come to Africa as well as for Africans to go into the mission fields of the world.
Schools: YWAM Discipleship Training School: Nation Builders DTS (focus of the 7 spheres of society) - Every January; Troubadour DTS (focus on arts) - Every April; Awakening DTS (focus on the Holy Spirit) - Every July; Radical DTS (focus on discipleship) - Every September;
English Language School - Every quarter; TESOL - April and October;
Humanities Core Course - Every January; Bible Core Course - Every April and September; Family Ministry School - Every July; Couples and Family Counseling School - January 2016; Foundations for Counseling Ministry - January 2015
Introduction to Primary Health Care - Every July
Focus: Training, Evangelism and Youth Ministry.
YWAM Worcester
2 Luyt Street
South Africa
Phone: +27-23 347 7040
Fax: +27-23 347 7042
About South Africa
Transforming communities through discipleship and community development.
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Facts about a remarkable nation.
Some facts:
  • There are 195,000 in the employ of SA Police. There are 411,000 in the employ of private security companies. TOTAL 606,000. Divide by 49,000,000. Conclusion: for every 80 citizens there is someone looking after some or other aspect of safety and security. Or put differently 1250 security ‘officials’ per 100,000 citizens!
  • South Africa has been ranked 28th among 108 countries measured for responsible competitiveness, according to the global think tank AccountAbility.
  • Johannesburg has been ranked as the eighth cheapest city in the world for expatriates, according to the most recent Cost of Living Standards Survey from Mercer Human Resource Consulting.
  • South Africa is ranked 18th out of a total of 115 economies in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2006, ahead of many developed nations, including Belgium (20th), the United States (23rd), Switzerland (26th), Austria (27th) and France (70th).
  • South Africa ranks 52nd out of 157 countries in the world in terms of economic freedom, ahead of Italy (60th), Brazil (70th), the United Arab Emirates (74th), Greece (94th), India (104th) and China (119th), according to the Index of Economic Freedom 2007.
  • The black middle class grew by 30% in 2005, adding another 421,000 black adults to SA's middle-income layer and ramping up the black population's share of SA's total middle class to almost a third, according to the Financial Mail. Between 2001 and 2004, there were 300,000 new black entrants to the middle class.
  • South Africa ranks in the top four countries worldwide in terms of the transparency surrounding its budgets - ahead of the US, Norway and Sweden - according to the Open Budget Index.
  • South Africa is ranked 29th out of 175 countries for ease of doing business - ahead of Austria, France, Spain, Brazil and India - according to Doing Business 2007, a joint publication of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation.
  • Cape Town has the fifth-best blue sky in the world according to the UK's National Physical Laboratory.
  • The Johannesburg Stock Exchange was the 7th best performing stock market in 2005, according to the World Federation of Exchanges.
  • Home ownership in SA has increased from 64% (5,12m households) in 1994 to 78% (7,9m households) in 2004, according to a South African Advertising Research Foundation development index
  • Pretoria has the second largest number of embassies in the world after Washington, D.C.
  • Interest rates are at a 25-year low.
  • South Africa accounts for almost 45% of the GDP of the entire African continent, with an economy three times the size of the second biggest (Egypt).
  • South Africa is one of only 12 countries with potable tap water.
  • Almost a quarter of South Africa’s non-interest budget is spent on education.
  • The University of South Africa UNISA is a pioneer of tertiary distance education and is the largest correspondence university in the world with 250,000 students .
  • Afrikaans is the youngest official language in the world.
  • In 2005, Time Magazine hailed President Thabo Mbeki as the Most Powerful Man in Africa
  • According to the Economic Freedom of the World 2005 Annual Report, South Africa ranks 38th out of 127 countries in terms of ecomomic freedom, tied with France and ahead of Israel, India, Italy, China, Brazil and Russia.
  • The rand, the world's most actively traded emerging market currency, has joined an elite club of 15 currencies - the Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) - where forex transactions are settled immediately, lowering the risks of transacting across time zones.
  • The South African Rand was the best performing currency against the US Dollar between 2002 and 2005, according to the Bloomberg's Currency Scorecard.
  • South Africa has 37 000 high net-wealth individuals (holding at least US$1million in financial assets) in 2004, according to the World Wealth Repor.t
  • South Africa's per capita GDP, corrected for purchasing power parity, positions the country as one of the 50 wealthiest in the world.
  • ranks South Africa as the 32nd most democratic country out of 150 nations.
  • Stellenbosch University was the first university in the world to design and launch a microsatellite.
  • South Africa is the 32nd best place in the world to do e-business (tied with Poland), according to the Economist Intelligence Report.
  • South Africa is the best-ranked country in terms of price stability, our fiscal policy is ranked 11th, our international trade competitiveness 21st, and we are the 28th most-attractive destination for foreign direct investment, according to the World Competiveness Yearbook 2005.
  • South African business owners of mid-size companies are the second most optimistic worldwide about their economic prospects of the year ahead, according to the annual Grant Thornton International Business Owners Survey for 2005.
  • South Africa houses one of the three largest telescopes in the world at Sutherland in the Karoo
  • South Africa is the first, and to date only, country to build nuclear weapons and then voluntarily dismantle its entire nuclear weapons programme.
  • The value of South African real estate improved by 30% over the past 5 years.
  • Since 1994, 500 houses have been built each day for the poor.
  • Tax revenue in SA has increased by 220% over the past 10 years.
  • In 2005, 10 million South Africans benefited from access to social grants.
  • The number of tourists visiting South Africa has grown by 116% since 1994.
  • Over the past 5 years, Consumer Confidence in SA has improved by 43%.
  • In the global measure of women in Parliament, South Africa ranks 8th in the world.
  • Of the 10 LSM levels ( LSM1=poorest; LSM10 wealthiest ), the average SA family located in LSM6
  • The current police to population ratio is 1:304.

    South Africa is often referred to as "The Rainbow Nation", a term coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and later adopted by then-President Nelson Mandela. Mandela used the term "Rainbow Nation" as a metaphor to describe the country's newly-developing multicultural diversity in the wake of segregationist apartheid ideology.

    South Africa is an exhilarating, spectacular and complex country. With its post-apartheid identity still in the process of definition, there is undoubtedly an abundance of energy and sense of progress about the place.

    The infrastructure is constantly improving, the climate is kind and there are few better places to see Africa's wildlife.

    But if you want to understand the country, you'll have to deal with the full spectrum. Poverty, the AIDS pandemic and violence remain a problem.

    South Africa has more people with HIV/AIDS than any other country in the world. Over 4.8 million individuals are infected with the virus. By 2010 adult HIV prevalence could reach 25% of the population.